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From building websites to designing advertisements discover how our one-stop shop can be an ideal utility for your business needs. Work with us and transform your website with WordPress Tailors.

Choose Your WordPress Solution.

Launch a WordPress Site Today!

At WP Tailors we build our sites using the WordPress Platform. We alter add and design additions to your website to give you the web solution you’re after. We offer two start up websites each using WordPress in different ways, The Premium Foundation and the Custom Foundation.  Take a look and see how you can launch a WordPress website today!

Premium Website

Have a smaller budget and still want a cutting edge website? With the Premium foundation you receive an affordable, cutting edge website tailored for your specific requests and made to fit your goals.

Make Changes & Add Features

We love to TAILOR your WordPress website. The Alteration service alters, designs and enhances your WordPress website. Choose an area of your site that you want changed and we work our magic and provide you with the desired result! Add new possibilities to your site with the add a Feature service. Discover the possibilities like adding an additional blog , booking for clients or photo gallery.

 Make Site Alterations

Site Features


With the Alteration service pick any facet of your site and we will alter, add, or design to better suit your website needs.

Different Features

Pick from a variety of features to improve your WordPress website. Blog, gallery, slider, booking and forms.

Create & Add Design

Empower your website with an additional webpage. Have it designed and tailored for your website for a special event or breakthrough. Boast about your website with a designed Advertisement. Decide the size of your advertisement, big or small.

Create an

Add & Design
A New Page

Design An Ad

Make an Advertisement for a product, your website or a service whatever kind of Advertisement you need.

Design a Page

We take information from your questionnaire and design you a webpage that fits with your current website. With your feedback and our tailoring experience an additional WordPress page will provide you with the solution you are looking for.

Support & Maintenance

Need some support with your WordPress Tailors website? With these WP Tailors services we can meet your support expectations. Protect your website from unexpected crashes, make backup improvements or boost your WordPress knowledge.



Add Security

Secure your WordPress website with our Security service. Options include Malware support, Backup Support and Security support shielding your website from hacking and other malicious attacks.

Do Some Maintenance

With the Maintenance service fix your WordPress dilemma with these option: A WordPress Consult to improve your WordPress knowledge, site optimization to make the site run smoothly or UI troubleshooting to get at the heart of the issue.

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