How We Tailor & Build Your WordPress Website

We Tailor Your Site

Throughout building the website we mold, change and identify parts of the website to suit you and your goals better. We call this process tailoring.

We Design

We design using the latest graphic design programs and expert design principals to give you the solution you want with a website.

We Study Your Business Field

We research your field of business and we utilize our experience to envision many different possibilities for your WordPress website. Now you can better achieve your dream WordPress website.

How WP Tailors Works

WP Tailors makes changes to WordPress or graphics making services more personal and tailored for you. It’s why we are WP Tailors, giving you a tailored and custom experience.

With these 6 steps this is how we deliver our WordPress services to you:

1. Browse & Pick

Choose the services you wish to receive and add them to your basket.

2. Checkout & Buy

Go through the checkout process and purchase your services.

3. Email Communication

We send you a confirmation and start communicating regarding your services

4. Editing & Tailoring

We discuss what you would like changed or what you need designed.

5. Your New Website

We complete your service and deliver to you the finish product.

6. Provide Support

We are always here to provide you with additional support if you need it.




Frequently Asked Questions About WP Tailors

Here you can find some answers regarding our services. If you’d like to find out more about WP tailors by filling out the form on the contact page or by emailing at

Why Do you Use WordPress Templates?

A: This is what we do, molding and making changes to WordPress themes to make it easier for you to get your dream WordPress website. By making changes to the foundation and templates giving you and your website flexibility and affordability.

Why Should We Pay Upfront?

A:  Our services are dependent on our time and experience. We reserve that time to give your desired service the attention it deserves.  This allows for a better working relationship and improved quality and faster service.

Do You Provide Refunds?

A: We have a satisfaction guaranteed policy we will provide our service until you are happy with the results. However refunds are only issued 24-48 hours after a service is ordered if you decided to change your mind before work has begun. If we have started work on your service and you have received notice that we have, no refund shall be issued for that service.

Why Only Eight Services?

A: These eight services reflect the most common changes to WordPress sites: creating a custom site, making changes or providing maintenance. We hope you can help us improve by giving us wants and ideas for new services and ways in which we can make your WordPress experience better.

Why Use WP Tailors?

A: We hope you like our services and how we provide them to you. We are experts in our fields and provide a quality service to make your WordPress experience a better one. Not every fit is a good one. We are happy to help if you need an alternative service or to point you in the right direction.

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